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Bodega Cats Of New York - Press Kit
Welcome to the official press kit of Bodega Cats of New York, where art and the enchanting charm of cats come together in an exclusive collection. Founded in 2020 by Dan Rimada and Daniel Mule our art collective pays homage to the iconic bodega cats of New York City, creating pieces that resonate with cat and art enthusiasts alike.

About Us:

Bodega Cats of New York crafts the perfect blend of feline allure with artistic expression, bringing a dynamic and spirited touch to any setting. Our range extends from enchanting cat art prints to wearable art like shirts and hoodies, alongside a carefully selected mix of items that capture the whimsical soul of cats. Diving into various artistic styles and mediums, we celebrate the magnetic charm of these creatures in a manner that's both joyful and introspective.

Our Story:

Our journey began with an insight from founders Dan Rimada and Daniel Mule, who noticed the warmth and enthusiasm of audiences towards art that seamlessly integrated cats with iconic art styles at a New York exhibition. Inspired, Bodega Cats of New York was born, embodying the resilience and spirit of the city's bodega cats, aiming to sprinkle unexpected joy and creativity into the fabric of daily life.

Leveraging advanced technology and classic artistry, we craft distinctive, cat-themed art prints that continually embrace and reflect diverse artistic expressions, paying homage to our feline inspirations. This innovative approach ensures a constant stream of new, genuine artworks that resonate with cat lovers and art aficionados alike.

Press Releases:

For our latest updates, news, and announcements, download our most recent press releases here.

Media Assets:

High-resolution images, logos, and other media assets are available for download here.

Contact Information:

For press inquiries, collaborations, or further information, please reach out to us:

Join our artistic expedition as we continue to evoke joy and celebrate our feline companions through each art piece we create. Together, let's explore the boundless creativity and love that cats inspire.