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Bodega Cats Of New York - Press Kit
Welcome to the official press kit of Bodega Cats of New York, where art and the enchanting charm of cats come together in an exclusive collection. Founded in 2020 by Dan, our art collective pays homage to the iconic bodega cats of New York City, creating pieces that resonate with cat and art enthusiasts alike.

About Us

Bodega Cats of New York brings the charm and mystery of cats into the world of art. Our collection of imaginative cat art prints adds a playful spirit to any space.

We create unique, high-quality art prints, shirts, hoodies and more that capture the whimsical nature of cats through different artistic styles and mediums. Our pieces showcase the captivating allure of felines in a lighthearted, thoughtful way.

Our Story:

Bodega Cats of New York was founded out of a mutual love for art and our feline friends. During an art show in New York, our founder Dan noticed the crowd's delight anytime a piece cleverly combined cats and iconic art styles. This inspired the idea for Bodega Cats of New York.

Our name pays tribute to the resilient bodega cats of New York City that capture the unique spirit of this town. Like them, we aim to bring unexpected moments of joy and imagination to people's lives.

We utilize innovative technology to help produce exclusive cat-themed art prints. This allows us to consistently create new pieces that stay true to various art styles while focusing on our favorite muses - cats!

Press Releases

For our latest updates, news, and announcements, download our most recent press releases here.

Media Assets

High-resolution images, logos, and other media assets are available for download here.

Contact Information

For press inquiries, collaborations, or further information, please reach out to us:

Join us on this artistic journey as we continue to spread joy and love for our feline friends through every piece of art we create.