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Our Origin Story and How We're Helping Animal Non-Profits Raise Money
March 31, 2023 at 5:00 AM
by Daniel Mule
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It all started on a sad day in 2020 when my beloved bodega cat, Harry, passed away. In mourning, I created a piece of artwork to commemorate him and presented it to the store owner who loved it and hung it up. This experience inspired me to create artwork to honor bodega cats all around New York City. Since then, I’ve spent some time visiting bodegas, learning about their cats, and creating artwork to honor them. Everywhere I go, I’m amazed by how much shopkeepers love their cats, taking care of them and treating them like family.

To give back to the community, I’m now giving away the artwork I create for free to 10 501c3 non-profits. They can use my artwork on shirts, pins, hats, marketing materials, stickers, and more. All they need to do is come to my website and fill out an application. This way, I hope to help them raise funds in 2023 to help animals in need.

Animal non-profits struggle to raise money due to limited resources, and I’m trying to alleviate some of that burden. By giving away my artwork for free, I’m providing this resource to help these non-profits raise money.

In the future, I hope to expand this program to help even more non-profits raise money. By increasing their revenue, they can continue to provide resources and care for animals in need. I’m passionate about using my artwork to make a difference, and I’m excited to continue to work towards this goal.

If you’d like to support me and see my work, here is a link to my Linktree.