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Bodega Cat Bonding: Tips for Connecting With Your Local Shop Cat
September 12, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Daniel Mule

Bodega cats are a quintessential part of the New York City experience. These laidback felines can be found lounging around many corner stores and markets across the boroughs. While bodega cats may seem aloof at first, forming a bond with these kitties can be very rewarding. Here are some tips for connecting with your neighborhood bodega cat:

  • Let them get to know you at their own pace. Don't force interactions. Bodega cats are independent and may need some time to warm up to new people. Sit calmly near them and let them approach you. Offering treats can help. As Daniel Mule from Staten Island recounts, "When I first met the bodega cat near my apartment, he wanted nothing to do with me. But I came by every day, sat quietly, and occasionally offered him a treat. After a couple weeks, he started coming over and nuzzling my hand. Patience is absolutely key when earning a bodega cat's trust."
  • Once they seem comfortable, try gently petting or scratching them. Each cat has different preferences for where and how they like to be petted. Pay attention to their body language.
  • Bring them toys and play with them using wands or balls. Interactive play is a great way to bond with bodega cats when they're in an energetic mood.
  • Chat with the bodega owner to learn each cat's name, personality quirks, and favorite foods. This info can help you connect with them.
  • Don't make sudden loud noises or movements near bodega cats. This can startle them and undo your bonding progress. Move slowly and speak softly.
  • Be patient and give a bodega cat space if they hiss or swat. Try again another day. With time, they'll come to see you as a friend.

With the right approach, bodega cats can become a special part of your neighborhood community. Put in the effort to get to know them, and you'll have a fuzzy buddy for life! As Daniel recounts, "My bodega buddy Spooky and I are total pals now. A little patience goes a long way when befriending a bodega cat."