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Bodega Cats of New York | EST. 2020.
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We specialize in creating and selling unique art prints, each blending the allure of cats with the distinctive styles of celebrated artists across various periods.

The end result is a captivating assortment of over 400 unique art pieces, each one ready for purchase and perfect for adding character to any space.

Our art prints are meticulously crafted, merging the enigmatic world of cats with the stylistic nuances of iconic figures like Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Henri Matisse, and Frida Kahlo. Each piece narrates a visual story that combines these historic art styles while capturing the whimsical and mysterious charm of felines.

Our collection is designed to cater to an array of aesthetic preferences and spaces. Whether you seek a small, intricate piece for a cozy corner or a larger, statement print for a more expansive area, we offer a range of sizes to meet every need.

Quality is at the forefront of our work at Bodega Cats of New York. Each print is carefully packaged with a protective sleeve and a sturdy backing board, ensuring it arrives in pristine condition, ready to add charm to your space.

While the artistic process is crucial, we believe that the journey of an artwork continues beyond its creation. That's why we are developing plans to further enhance the customer experience, with the introduction of personalized gift options and informative inserts about each artwork.

At its core, Bodega Cats of New York is about blending the beauty of felines and the charm of historical art styles into unique, purchasable art prints. We invite you to explore our collection, witness the union of styles, and perhaps find a piece that resonates with you and your space.